I’ve been wanting to start a blog for some years now and it finally feels like the right time to do it. About a month ago I moved to Nashville and I’ve already gotten to experience so many amazing things since moving here. I love to document my everyday life on my social media pages, but I don’t always get to go into depth so this is where that will happen. This is my first blog so naturally things will change as I go along but I’m so excited to bring y’all along on this journey. I decided to call the blog “Inside the Studio” (actually my boyfriend came up with that name but let’s act like I was super clever and came up with it myself haha) but don’t fret – this blog won’t just be about what happens in the studio. I’m going to take you behind the scenes of what it’s like being a musician and everyday life as well! I didn’t want to have a basic “News” section on my website were I just type a few sentences and bam that’s it. I want to let y’all into my life. I have a couple things in mind about what I want to post but I want y’all’s input as well! Leave a comment below or contact me on my social pages telling me what you want to see on my blog and I will do my best to bring that content to you!